Gene Roddenberry, Visionary

Gene Roddenberry was a visionary. While creating an entire universe and more he envisioned an earth where people finally wised up and stopped fighting and bickering amongst themselves on a global scale. They, as a race of human beings got together and cured the world of hunger. Diseases like cancer and even the common cold were eliminated. Children were encouraged to reach educational goals that would help benefit mankind because the greed for money was practically non existent. Everyone had a place if they wanted it. They did not have to join the Federation of Planets if they didn’t want to. Captain Jean Luc Picard’s brother Robert ran the family winery (yes, humans still need wine) while Picard was galavanting all over the universe.

I have my own opinions about today’s conversations. However I have never read anything anywhere where someone gave their opinion on a subject and someone else replied “Yeah. You know you just might have a point there. The Nazi flag IS a part of Germany’s heritage and history yet they outlawed it in Europe for some reason. I can understand your point.”  Or “Yeah. Maybe it IS a bad idea to lump an entire nation of people into just one class of citizen.” So I just shut up.

What really gets me is this. It’s 2015. America is still one of the richest countries in the world. Yet we still have hungry homeless people living on our streets. Men. Women. Children. Vets. Why is this? Because greed is more important than helping them. We have a prison system that has been pretty much the same since the stone age. Think about it. Chains bars and cages then, chains bars and cages now. There is no rehabilitation just throw them in a cage and let them serve their time until next time. Who exactly is the prison system helping?  Nevermind about all of the abandoned military bases and other unused properties all over our country that could be converted into something useful such as a clean place for non violent offenders to be rehabilitated in a proper way. Or used for housing. SOMETHING! Imagine all of the jobs that would create. Why are people in politics usually already rich and why do we give them more money to do their politicking? Money is a motivator. Money (and other things) motivates me to perform my job functions every day. Politicians motivation should be about making things better for the rest of us. That’s why we vote them in. To help us. Not to make them richer. 2015 and we are still doing this.

I’m convinced that aliens (the ones who don’t live on earth) are up there laughing their asses off at the stupid humans and this horror\comedy show we call our existence. While we fight about what legal rights two consenting adults are allowed to do with each other someone is somewhere planning on destroying everything. While we lay smoldering and dying amongst the rubble what are we going to say? “Oh we should have paid more attention to mankind’s well being?” One thing I did learn from religion that made sense to me. A reason why suicide is an unforgivable sin. Because when you’re dead, that’s it Jack. Game over. How can you say oops I’m sorry I didn’t know death would be like this I didn’t mean it I take it back when you’re dead? You can’t, that’s how. Because your body is just an empty shell. What we destroy here won’t come back to life.

So let’s keep fighting and arguing about what’s important to YOU while the polar ice caps melt away. Let’s continue to debate about what people who have nothing to do with your own personal life can legally do with each other while 10 year old children die of starvation or exposure or kidnapped for inhuman ugly purposes. By all means make sure you get your point across while forests (Forests are the dominant terrestrial ecosystem of Earth, and are distributed across the globe.[7] Forests account for 75% of the gross primary productivity of the Earth’s biosphere, and contain 80% of the Earth’s plant biomass.[7] are destroyed for whatever reasons man deems necessary.  Let’s all do everything we can to separate ourselves from each other to the point of exploding (or imploding) and become so divided that there is nothing left for our children’s children to inherit but even more ugly heartache and pain than we currently have.

Oh do what you want I’m tired now I’m going to bed.



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